Building crews are tasked with shaping raw, untamed areas. This implies that heavy machinery also needs to cross regions where the land is less than stable. At the same time, contractors must be vigilant about the surrounding climate. In wetlands and other ecologically sensitive areas, construction vehicles can cause a lot of stress. Timber mats from D.Blizzard Services Inc help get the job done when it comes to building on difficult terrain. Timber access mats allow heavy machinery quickly, securely, and without disturbing the fragile habitats surrounding them to access sites.

Crafted from hardwood, these timber mats are used for the development of temporary roadways and building equipment staging areas. Hardwood building mats like these build a protected pathway when assembled over swamps, marshes, wetlands, or some other area of loose dirt. This makes entry to places simpler for big vehicles. The use of these heavy-duty timber mats helps workers to enter areas that otherwise would not be available because there are no roads. They also help protect the environment by minimizing the strain applied by heavy vehicles and avoiding the tearing of tires and treads.

Available sizing chart

  • 8’’ x 4’ x 16’ Hemlock and/or Hardwood

  • 10’’ x 4’ x 16’ Hemlock and/or hardwood

  • 12’’ x 4’ x 16’ hemlock and/or hardwood

  • 10’’ x 4’ x 20’ crane “Timber” mats

  • 12’’ x 4’ x 20’ crane “Timber” mats

  • 12’’ x 4’ x 20’ Bridge “Timber” mats

  • 12’’ x 4’ x 30’ Bridge “Timber” mats

  • 12’’ x 4’ x 40’ Bridge “Timber” mats

Why choose D.blizzard Services Inc?

D.Blizzard Integrated Services Inc. is a Canadian company that provides engineered matting solutions that help protect and minimize environmental impacts on wetlands, the northern lands, and private lands. Beginning operations in the sale and purchase of wood products for different applications, the company has evolved into an environmental solutions provider with different turnkey services and goods for access roads, bridges, and work platforms.

Our head offices are Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Québec. We have offices in Atlantic Canada and Ontario. We have affiliations with Moccasin Trails Access Mats & Portable Bridges.

To respond to all situations and environmental requirements, D.Blizzard offers a complete range of products including Composite mats, Access “swamp” mats and Rig mats. We use a variety of mats and use the safest application base on the terrain, if it is flat, the capacity of the equipment, the depth of the muskeg and wetlands, the amount of organic vegetation, etc.


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