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    We carry timber mats, crane mats, rig mats, access mats,
    swamp mats & more
    We sell both new and used mats, we rent, we sell and buy-back, and we
    clean mats – we base prices on new and used mats based on grade and
    how many cycles that we can get out of a mat. So when we work with the
    client and understand there access plan we can determine the amount of
    cycles they need from a mat and quote a price based on that.

We offer a large variety of mats & services Free estimate: 1.418.554.1564 or 1.877.678.0009

Blizzard Access Solutions offers Timber mats Crane mats Rig mats Access mats Rig mats Swamp mats both new and used.

We also have a 3rd party engineered matting system for the high risk bad access areas, containment mats for large drill sites, laminated veneer bamboo mats, CLT mats.

Turn Key Services

At D Blizzard Access Solutions, we make sure that your needs are taken care of every step of the way, whether you buy or rent a access solution. The only 100% turnkey access provider in Canada

Free consulting

We will visit and walk the job site, inspect the vegetation, the soil conditions, measure the depth of water/mud before we hit solid ground, etc. Free price estimate and on-site visits

Rental | Buy-back

We offer Mats for Sale, Rental, Sale + Buy-Back. We have many different product and price options allowing us to work within the budget parameters of the project.

New & Used

We offer 3 grades of mats. Grade A ( Used 1-2 times ) Grade. B ( Used 2-3 times ) Grade. C ( 0-5% of their original value ).
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Safety First

Predictable, reliable strength is a necessity when the safety of workers and equipment assets are at stake. Engineered Access Solutions.

Customer Service

With over 30 locations accross Canada & USA, D.Blizzard Access Solutions is capable of offering quick and personal customer service.

Wide Inventory
Top Grade Mats
Coast to Coast
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