Dealing with the terrain is one of the most daunting parts of a construction project. Crews need not only to drive heavy machinery over unstable and untamed terrain, but they need to be careful not to damage the natural environment as well. Our laminated hardwood mats have a superior approach to all problems for machines with rubber tires. As with our hardwood timber mats, our 3-ply laminated mats provide the same access solutions. They are suitable, however, for projects involving surface decking, temporary roads constructed, or for use of rubber-tired vehicles. These mats are designed to be utilized in a flat terrain environment. These may be used in combination with timber mats in order to create a double-layered temporary road that can withstand flat or uneven terrain for all types of heavy equipment.

Why choose D.blizzard Services Inc?

D.Blizzard Integrated Services Inc. is a Canadian company that provides engineered matting solutions that help protect and minimize environmental impacts on wetlands, the northern lands, and private lands. Beginning operations in the sale and purchase of wood products for different applications, the company has evolved into an environmental solutions provider with different turnkey services and goods for access roads, bridges, and work platforms.

Our head offices are Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Québec. We have offices in Atlantic Canada and Ontario. We have affiliations with Moccasin Trails Access Mats & Portable Bridges.

To respond to all situations and environmental requirements, D.Blizzard offers a complete range of products including Composite mats, Access “swamp” mats and Rig mats. We use a variety of mats and use the safest application base on the terrain, if it is flat, the capacity of the equipment, the depth of the muskeg and wetlands, the amount of organic vegetation, etc.


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