Each terrain is different, just like our access solutions.

Utilizing the correct mat for your project is the key factor in offering a safe ground access.


This difficult terrain type is often found in Canada. It can be composed of a multitude of organic and inorganic materials. Often found with water and a soil with a low capacity to retain heavy pressures. It can be comparable to liquid quicksand in some areas. The proper mat application can be seen below:

Timber-based mats are used in non-flat applications like muskeg, swamps, wetlands, rolling terrains where heavy industrial equipment will be crossing over – the Timber acts as a stringer and will allow heavier payloads without breaking. The depth of the wetland, the soil density below the mat, the amount of vegetation, the weight of the equipment being used, determines if you need several layers of the mat. Wood will displace against water and the vegetation and soil below it – so the wood can actually “float” – so often in deeper wetlands we can create a multi-layered floating mat road. The mat protects the vegetation and plants below it so they are not harmed, it avoids creating ruts, it allows for the natural flow of water below the mat, it protects species at risks, avoids invasive species whereas wood is a natural product. When you build a mat road in a wetland the vegetation and brush help support the mat and the mat does not break or damage the brush, weeds, plants


Often found around agricultural land or valleys, these land types are often on a flat surface with little to no solid debris.

Utilizing the 3-PLY mat is advantageous in terms of pricing and sizing when the RIGHT application is used. Often, these mats will be wrongly placed on projects that contain uneven terrain. This is an issue for this mat type due to the thickness and wood species. These mats are the perfect solution to create a SAFE and functional ground solution when your terrain is mostly flat with little to no debris. Placing these mats in a wetland for example will cause many issues such as breakage and sliding issues. When used on flat terrain, these mats are the best solution to provide a safe road will reducing costs and maintenance. Please note that this product has been rigorously tested in both controlled and non-controlled (job sites) against delamination due to water, and we have adopted a revolutionary system to prevent the product from delaminating. 3-Ply Laminated Access Mats is easy to clean, eliminates the transfer of evasive species from one site to another. Requires no chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers to grow


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