Study & Planning

As with all construction projects, a proper study & planning will allow the client to save in costs as well as allow a better following of the project schedule. At D.blizzard services inc, we utilize a multitude of software to generate proper planning for your project. By utilizing the KMZ coordinates given by our clients. we can then inspect the terrain type and conceptualize a solution to your needs.

An access schedule that fits within the budget will be generated by our project coordinators. They figure out the right entry solution for your site with the best matting solutions.

Here are some of the subjects regarding our study & planning

  • D. Blizzard Integrated Services Inc. provides a personalized and hands-on process.

  • Physical job site visit and inspection.

  • Study of terrain, inspection of soil, vegetation, water conditions and access points.

  • Determine legal requirements and pertinent regulations.

  • Engineering and design of low impact matting for temporary and/or semipermanent road, work platform, storage yard, and special circumstance engineered applications (Bridge support etc.).

  • Free estimate and budget quotes.

  • We will install the mats.

  • We will project manage and over look the installation of the mats.

Design & Engineering

D.Blizzard environmental matting respects the laws of the “clean water act” and new laws in climate change to protect and mitigate risks of damaging wetlands by providing low impact environmental matting solutions. 20% of temporary access are non-standard and requires more sophisticated techniques and technical support. We have in-house engineers able to conceptualize your solutions, generate CAD drawings as well as 3D models. All engineering documentation can be signed by an engineer certified from the OIQ in Québec. To ensure the lowest environmental impact and maximum efficiency, D.Blizzard offers several types of systems that will adapt perfectly to all specific needs.

Type 1: On grade mat road

On soil conditions that are sufficiently level to drive across and do not contain large obstacles. It is appropriate to lay mats directly on the existing surface. Level ground, not deep mud, private lands that need to be protected, farmers fields, etc.

Type 2: On grade stringer-deck mat road

In terrain where there may be stumps, boulders, rolling grounds, uneven grounds with some mud and water, you would require stringers under the bottom of the mats.

Type 3 : Elevated stringer-deck mat road

System used in wetlands, peat bogs, protected wetlands areas, deeper mud and water, permafrost, etc. The space between bars underneath is determined by the density of the vegetation in the wetlands.

Floating road system

Where barges cannot access the work site and there is shallow water and no vegetation, the floating road system can be use in water 10-12’. The floating mat system is stable to net payloads up to 250,000 lbs. (Subject to circumstances, we may not advise to use these maximum weights.

In areas where there may be 10% of very deep wetlands or muskeg, we have a 3rd party engineered matting system that is best used for the land conditions and circumstances.

Turnkey Project Management

At D Blizzard Access Solutions, we make sure that your needs are taken care of every step of the way, whether you buy or rent an access solution. We will visit and walk the job site, inspect the vegetation, the soil conditions, measure the depth of water/mud before we hit solid ground, etc. Our goal is to create the lowest environmental impacts, but also safe rigid systems based on the equipment and terrain, to help facilitate the environmental permit process, to lower impacts on agricultural/farmers land to reduce the indemnity costs, to create good access allowing to bring a broader scope of equipment on site, to construct and focus on core work to facilitate the construction process allowing to complete on time or ahead of time, to create safe third party stamped systems to reduce risks and liabilities, to reduce insurance and liability fees

Handling, Logistics and delivery

We handle all the logistics. We will:
• Pre-estimate matting needs by visiting the sites, walking through the wet zones.
• Identify a list of equipment and provide the safest and lowest impact access systems for that particular right of way and terrain.
• Design the most viable matting road based on the general lay of the land (if it is flat or rolling), based on the depth of the wetlands, vegetation laying over the wetlands.
• Ensure that the proper equipment and grapple are used to handle the mats and reduce breakage.
• Provide oversight in the general installation of the mats.
• Ensure delivery is on time, directly to the job site.
• Stay and live on-site for 24-hour monitoring.
• Provide budget and estimate access solutions allowing contractors to focus on their core work.

We guarantee the lowest cost source of logistics based on volumes required, the schedule of the project, the location, etc. Portable plants to build mats or sourcing mats as close to the project is the best solution to lower costs. Support local sawmill operators producing mats.
Depending on the location of the project, we will ship mats using the most cost-effective means by consolidated freight onto B-trains, rail cars, and trucking. Where barges and small vessels are available, those services can also be utilized to reduce the per-unit freight cost.

Environmental protection – No invasive species (Border Inspection requirement); no products from quarantined areas; no ash logs (Emerald Ash beetle); No bark on mats; no mud on mats.

We will stand behind the product, and the installation of the product to guarantee safety on the job site. We make sure that the client gets the right and best — safest mat for the project — there may be 10% of very deep wetlands or muskegs where cranes need to be mobilized over where we would have a 3rd party engineered matting system. So we use the best mat based on the land conditions and circumstances.

On completion of the project, we will grade, the mats, and re-sell them to get an average of 35-45% back to the client. We will help budget and estimate access solutions for the project to guarantee quick and safe access so contractors can focus on their core work.

Buy-Back On Mats

Upon project completion, D.Blizzard Integrated Services Inc. will engage a third party inspector to do an evaluation on the mats to provide a rebate to the client. The amount of the rebate will be based on the grade and quality of the used mats. 3rd party inspector sort, select, and grade the mats;

Grade. A

a mat that has tight timbers, no exposed or broken rods, no breakage, ends are not broken, the mats were used 1-2 times, but can still be used and recycled 2-4 more times.

Grade. B

loose timbers, some exposed bolts, more breakage on the ends, one end may be broke, one rod exposed, the mats were used 3-4 times, but can still be used and recycled 1-2 more times.

Grade. C

broken ends, loose timbers, broken rods, this mat can be used as a filler, basically is worth the cost to dispose of the mat.


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