What is the access solution you need?

When it comes to access solutions, there are a wide variety of applicable terrain products. However, in today’s modern age, contractors need to keep in consideration the environmental impact of the access solution they are going to be utilizing. Wooden mats are a great access solution due to the re-usability of the mats, the low environmental impact as well as the safety it provides for the access road. However, there are many types of mats available on the market. Often a consultation is required due to the variety of the project specification as well as the different terrains, laws and etc. With that in mind, here are some basic tips to help you choose the best wooden mat for your project, for more on good house design, we recommend to click here.

Timber Based Mats

Timber-based mats are used in non-flat applications typed terrains; like muskeg, swamps, wetlands, rolling terrains. Often heavy industrial equipment will be crossing over and the terrain having a multitude of properties may not be able to remain in a stable state to allow safe passage for vehicles and workers. The Timber acts as a stringer to absorb the inequalities of the terrain and will allow heavier payloads without breaking due to its density.

Timber based mats come in:
8’’ x 4’ x 16’ Hemlock and/or Hardwood
10’’ x 4’ x 16’ Hemlock and/or hardwood
12’’ x 4’ x 16’ hemlock and/or hardwood
10/12’’ x 4’ x 20’ crane “Timber” mats – used more for large cranes
12’’ x 4’ x 20’/24’/30’ and 40’ Bridge “Timber” mats.

3-Ply Laminated Access Mats

As with our hardwood timber mats, our 3-ply laminated mats provide the same access solutions. They are suitable, however, for projects involving surface decking, temporary roads constructed, or for use of rubber-tired vehicles. These mats are designed to be utilized in a flat terrain environment.

Please note that this product has been rigorously tested in both controlled and non-controlled (job sites) against delamination due to water, and we have adopted a revolutionary system to prevent the product from delaminating.

3-Ply Laminated Access Mats: Engineered wood bonded together under heat and pressure. 3-Ply Laminated Access Mats do not absorb water, and are therefore less prone to warping and shrinking.

Ground pressure can be limited to 24 to 34 kPa (3.5 to 5 psi). Maintain maximum 100 mm (4″) depression of subsoil.

Sustainability Properties
3-Ply Laminated Access Mats is easy to clean, eliminates the transfer of evasive species from one site to another. Requires no chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers to grow.

Laminated Veneer (LVL) Hardwood Mats

Engineered matting is a laminated wood mat that is made from indigenous Southern hardwoods bonded with adhesives with grain running parallel longitudinally. By eliminating or distributing natural defects, such as wane, knots, and checking, superior in strength when compared to solid sawn material twice its depth and weight.

Ground pressure can be limited to 24 to 69 kPa (3.5 psi to 10 psi), depending on configuration.

Uniform product dimensions with a consistent finish create a work surface that helps contractors reduce workplace hazards.

Engineered matting is designed to withstand the abuse of today’s industrial construction sites. Control of raw material density in the manufacturing process ensures that Engineered matting has a hard, impact resistant surface. The laminating process creates a composite structure that resists fracture.

Predictable, reliable strength is a necessity when the safety of workers and equipment assets are at stake. Patented construction creates a work platform that has
engineering design values that exceed all sawn woods identified by the National Design Standard (NDS 2004). Every Engineered matting component is proof loaded by machine to ensure that the finished mat will meet the strict design criteria and quality standards established by AHC.


Ideal for the rehabilitationand cleaning of mine sites or where there may be liquids and dangerous residues. They prevent any liquids and hazardous waste from entering the mats and flow into the soil. Dimensions: 8’ x 16’ long, 2-ply


  • 3 inches lip all the way around for security sets. Square overlap to optimize soil protection and containment.
  • A rubber filter is in the middle of the mats that adapts securely to the assembly of mats.
  • The entire surface of the mats is covered with a thermoplastic polymer paint that hardens like concrete and sand mixed to make a rough surface and avoid slipping.
  • Mats have 164 Zinc Carriage bolts and the bolts are bolted twice on the perimeter.
  • All slits on the top panel and all nodes are filled with an impermeable compound to optimize floor protection and containment.
  • When mats are assembled, we seal joints and create a 100% waterproof surface.
  • Best alternative to plastic and wood mats.
  • The traction surface of the mats works in all.
  • More square feet per truck load compared to other mats.
  • Flat storage in shipping containers Standard ISO (Savings on freight). One can also contact experts from https://onestopselfstorage.com/toldeo-ohio/ to avail the best storage services.
  • Easy and safe installation.
  • Better resistance to compression and structure.
  • Phytosanitary certifiable.
  • Successful field tests of equipment and vehicle expenses over 200,000 lbs.
  • The exclusive coating prevents contaminants to be absorbed by mats.
  • Prevents rutting, disturbance of vegetation, and the flow of liquids and residues.
  • Extremely durable. Mats can withstand the most extreme conditions of tailings ponds and construction.
  • Reduces the costs of construction of tailings ponds by replacing the needs of basic aggregates.
  • Adapts to rough terrain.
  • Reduce delays.
  • Adapts to field specialities.
  • Repairable on the ground.
  • Vacuum system for fast and safe placement.
  • Reduces costs of construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of the site.
  • Reduces transportation costs.
  • Reduces road maintenance.
  • Offers better performance, protection and value.
  • Achieves total containment of the mine waste without the need for liners.
  • Improves environmental performance.
  • Eliminates coating and maintenance costs.
  • Improves the safety of the site and workers.
  • Offers savings in assembly time thanks to greater efficiency.
  • Improves public perception.

CLT – Cross Laminated Mat

CLT access mats, both new and used, are a practical and portable option for your building projects. The CLT access mats (cross-laminated timber mats) are lightweight, cost-effective, and ecologically friendly. Layered wood panels composed of solid-sawn timber make up CLT access mats. Because one layer is perpendicular to the next, these mats are extremely durable.  Our collection is suitable for construction in and around swamps, bogs, marshes, and other environments where long-lasting cross-laminated wood mats are required.

3-ply, 2-ply 8’ x 14’, 8’ x 16’ mats specifically for farmer fields, and, 5-ply CLT cross-laminated timber mats for nonflat terrain

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