How we use BIM?

BIM has changed the way the construction industry works, specially know that they want to emphasize Safety On A Construction Site. It can literally save project managers huge amounts of costs and allow for a better cash flow during the development phase of the project. Utilizing a multitude of frameworks and software, BIM is a work method, an ideology, a way of working and planning a project from the start to the finish. Utilizing software to harmonize this process is what makes BIM a fantastic tool to anyone who is looking to prevent unseen circumstances, clash detections, bad cash flow management, late progression on schedule, and costly issues in the construction industry.

In our industry, our clients often give us KMZ coordinates and with the details of the terrain type and project specifications, we are able to conceptualize the ground access solution in 3D. With that being done, we can then use real-world geographical data to apply our 3D solution. That allows the client to know beforehand, what issues could arise, and how we can remediate them. Once the 3D solution is finalize, we can then proceed to adding the model to a real-time scheduling software that can also control the costs and budget during the project development.

Some of the tools we use


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