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If you work in the construction industry, no matter if it is power transmission, pipelines, or basically, any industry that requires to have access to solutions that are environmentally friendly, you know that not all projects or job sites are the same. The duration of the projects, the local laws, the project-specific requirements from the clients can all have an effect on the matting solution you need for the project, and with the PayStubCreator financial tool is possible to have a safe payment option at work.

The good news is that D.Blizzard Services Inc allows you to rent, lease, buy or purchase with buy-back for all your ground protection. However, each option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and not all suppliers are created equal. As you work toward your objective of a successfully finished project, making the proper decision may save you time, money, and frustration. As well, having the proper protection can allow your project to obtain your work permits faster, give you the ground of negotiations for protected terrain, and many other benefits.

Renting your access mats – access solution

Renting your mats is a solution that is viable for all sorts of periods. In a sense, the rental for a 1-3 months project will be more expensive than a rental that is 12+ months. The range of rentals pricing can vary from 2$/day to 6$/day for mats. As well, the type of mat has an influence on the pricing scheme. With D.blizzard we look at the overall duration of the project as well as the transports costs to get the mats delivered. On certain projects of long duration, the mats can be rented to own. Meaning you rent the mats for a period of example ” 12 months ” and once that period is done, the rental charges cease. You then own the mats.

When opting for a rental option, the key elements to keep in mind are the duration related to the project for your access solution, the management of the mats, the transport as well as the install/removal. The rental program is great for projects that have short durations ( higher costs ) or longer durations ( lower costs ). Meaning, this is a good overall option for most projects. Working with us however, we will look at other possibilities in order to save the contractor or client money.

Purchasing your mats – access solution

Some of our clients require mats on a variety of projects that have different durations as well as start dates. For example, some clients would need mats for 3 different projects in the same year, with long-term use on future projects to come. In this case, we offer our clients the option of purchasing the mats and owning them. We can sell brand new mats, used grade A and grade B mats. If you foresee a very long-term use for the mats, over a year, we often recommend buying them brand new. Using a grade B mat over a long period of time will cause it to become a grade C which is not a safe mat anymore. When purchasing mats, you have to keep into consideration the transport costs as well as the costs associated to the installation and removal of the mat. Often, when purchasing, we can offer the install and removal at an additional cost or simply train your team on how to install the mats in order to let you manage the install and removal of your mats on all projects.

Leasing your mat – access solution

Lease (8+  months) – As given in this content, a lease if offered as a  lump sum price with all cost of mats, freight included-  payment is upfront and in advance,  the price would be at a 10-15% or more discounted to that of the rental price (can be negotiated on a project-by-project basis)-  at the completion of the project we will take back all of the mats including all broken mats – we will remediate the site and remove all mats including broken Grade C mats  - so a lump sum price at a discount based on the money upfront and a turnkey asset management of the mats. With a lease, companies can write this off against taxes, whereas a  lease is a tax write-off – so there are financial incentives and benefits passed forward to the clients. A lease will save anywhere from 10%-20% over rental plus the tax incentives of the writing of the lease against taxes so there are a lot of savings with a lease. The longer the lease period the higher the discount to that of rental example: an 18-24 months lease may realize a 20-25%+ discount to that of rental based on payment upfront as mats are delivered to the job site.

Purchasing your mats or access solution with buy-back

Applies to a purchase – WE BUY ONLY if we have other projects at the time of completion of the project to resell to and based on the general condition and Grade of the mats – D.Blizzard will accept and resell Grade A/B, BUT  we will never purchase a Grade C mat - however again we could help remediate and dispose of a Grade C broken mat to provide a turn-key service to our clients at a cost per mat. This is often great for projects that have an end date close to the start date of another project. We will handle the logistics, the install, and removal as well as the management of the mats. So in the end, your purchase a mat for example 650$, after 9 months, it is a grade A/B mat, we may purchase it back for 450$. These figures are simply an example and do not represent reality. 

Other factors

When you’re assessing project duration and renting or leasing, don’t forget to consider weather factors and potential obstacles, such as specific land laws, local laws, client requirements, local environment, and more. Think about whether you’ll need to move mats around the site or store them in between project phases — this possibility might alter your timeline.

Depending on job site conditions or equipment, mats might become damaged and require cleaning. If you lease, this might incur more costs beyond a negotiated attrition rate. We allow a breakage percentage on all projects that are negotiated based on the project details.

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